Ubuntu+Open Source =

What we refer to as alternative services is the use of Ubuntu Linux wherever it can replace Windows and Microsoft’s predatory licensing schemes. If your network is currently using or considering installing a Microsoft Server of any flavor (Windows2000 Server, Windows Server 2003/SBS, Windows Server 2008) it is time to have us do a no-cost survey.

Call us now- 707-869-3488! Chances are when it comes time to replace/or add hardware we will be able to fit you with our BusinesServer™.

The NETech BusinesServer™ is an Ubuntu Linux  Server which can function as a Windows file server and a Windows Internet name server and a Windows Internet information server and a Windows FTP server and/or a Windows Domain controller. All without paying Microsoft for a server operating system plus client connection licenses plus any other client licenses they say you need. Sure you will pay us once, up front to configure the services you need, but it will be a fair price for a more reliable box.

Compared to a Microsoft solution our BusinesServers™ are a dream, they-

  • Sit and work. Period.
  • Run on less expensive hardware.
  • Run more reliably.
  • Require a fraction of the maintenance.
  • Are much more robust and secure than any Windows Operating System.

Our history with clients who have BusinesServers™ is that they often forget they have them.