Technology Check In

Questions to ask yourself-

  • What would happen to my business if my network failed?
  • Is my network secure?
  • Is my network fast?
  • Is my data secure?
  • Are my Backups really working?
  • Am I paying for things I don’t use or need?
  • Does my business technology do everything I need it to do?
  • Is my I.T. (Information Technology) provider insured?
  • Am I totally satisfied with my I.T. service provider?

After thinking about your answers to those questions, ask yourself the BIG Question…

How long has it been since you or someone you trust has checked in on your business technology ?

If the answer is not ‘a year or less’ than you are overdue. Technology tends to live in ‘dog years’, that is 7 years for every single calendar year. Policies need to be flexible and thorough to keep up with dynamic capabilities & threats.

Click Here to request a Technology Check-In by a qualified technologist.